GlobalOne’s Mission & Philosophy

GlobalOne Management Consultation brings years of experience from the airline industry to assist airlines in optimising their strategic objectives by tactically deploying their resources in the best possible means based on international best Practices. This encompasses the integration of their SOCC transitioning to an Integrated Operational Control Centre (IOCC) that incorporates the various components that make the Flight Planning and execution of their flights work in the most efficient way, ensuring that safety operational efficiency is achieved with orchestral precision. This brings together the logistics of making certain that the aspects of Maintenance and Engineering, Flight Planning, Manpower allocation and the requisite monitoring take place in an uninterrupted and unambiguous manner.

We bring together the required skill sets that is deployed in an efficient manner to ensure that Fuel and Environmental Efficiency is the requisite component in the airline’s day to day operations. We have worked in having airlines transform itself to achieve compliance to ICAO Standards and recommended Practices. We do not employ a “One Size Fit All” philosophy. Our approach is simple. We tailor make solutions based on your current needs and what your Strategic aims are, doing so in a modular and holistic manner to allow growth in a structured organic way taking into consideration the culture of both the country and the organisation.

This has been developed collectively over 90 years of working in various aspects of the Aviation industry, and this expertise is now at your disposal. Our partners have developed products that protect the well being of your employees using providers that guarantee success in all facets of the employee’s productive years and beyond. We have team members from a constellation of aviation departments that have found ways of working together to meet the needs of the industry. This experience has covered a large spectrum of the globe, thus ensuring cultural sensitivities are respected in levels of our interactions.

Experience matters.

The aviation sector continues to be dynamic and is impacted by various global issues. The challenge for the industry is to be able to respond to the changes, while doing so in a safe and repeatable manner. The need is to develop infrastructure that will assure a free crossflow of information from one department to another in real time, but doing so reliably, accurately, ensuring relevance of and importantly, doing so in a timely manner. What we have found based on us working in various regions of the world is that many airlines specifically, and organisations generally suffer from being “Data Rich but Information Poor.” GlobalOne, as an organisation, understands the importance of cultural sensitivities in bridging the failures that oftentimes create these unseen divides, these gaps causing the lack of data and information cross flow.

We do not engage in the superimposition of our culture onto yours. We know based on cumulative coalescence of our collective experiences that that does not work. We make it our duty to understand the Organisation’s and Country’s culture based on an open, honest interaction with you so that we understand your uniqueness and take the international best practices and integrate it into your organisation to ensure a best fit scenario. There are many Consultant Organisations that have a repository of data but lack the ability to integrate it into the specific requirements, thus ensuring a proper fit for your organisation. Our consultants and partners come from varied cultures and have lived and worked in many countries in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent. What we have is a global understanding of differences, and importantly, the need to be culturally sensitive in effectively sharing the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years.

Culture Matters.

GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC (GlobalOne) represents the culmination and the bringing together of the Principals’ numerous years of global experiences, spanning multiple areas of disciplines within the aviation industry.

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