The Aviation industry continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and all indications are for this growth to continue unabated for the next two decades more so, in the Far and Middle East. This growth creates opportunities for pilots and aviation personnel alike. GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC will continue to create strategic alliances to ensure that we are the right choice in you benefitting from this growth. The Aviation industry continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and all indications are for this growth to continue unabated for the next two decades more so, in the Far and Middle East. This growth creates opportunities for pilots and aviation personnel alike. The 2018 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook forecasts a need for 635,000 new commercial pilots over the next twenty years. With 295,000 active commercial pilots today, this is double the current workforce. – Boeing - Business Environment Update | 2018

The GlobalOne Experience

Over 95 years of experience collectively in the global operating and consultative arenas of the aviation industry

GlobalOne recognises that diversity creates strength and is a fundamental tenet in creating the organisation we are. This allows us to adapt in operating comfortably in various global cultures, knowing that we will be unwavering in being flexible in how we will conduct engagement in all countries.

Flight Operations

GlobalOne’s principals have accumulated approximately ninety-five years of experience collectively within Operations traversing an all-encompassing spectrum, including the restructuring and transformation of the Flight Operations Department, IOCC, Fuel and Environmental Efficiency, Flight Crew Recruitment, and Safety.

SMS- Safety Management System

Safety’s importance is expressed in airlines with an aura of academic reverence, but comprehensive implementation is regularly deferred due to the multi-dimensional nature of the industry and a reallocation of scarce resources.

Fuel Efficiency Environmental Program

Fuel normally represents the second largest cost centre in an airline’s operation, and the frequent external factors impacting the industry brings mixed fortunes necessitating that the fuel efficiency and other aspects impacting unit cost within the operations be constantly managed by it becoming an integral part of the corporate DNA.

IOCC – Integrated Operation Control Centre

GlobalOne has positioned itself with its team of professionals who have operated throughout a wide cross-section of departments within airline operations and thus able to customise solutions within the IOCC based on international best practices.

Flight Operations Management and Rationalisation

GlobalOne’s team has been instrumental in the rationalisation of Flight Operations Departments and have been instrumental in reducing the ratio of instructors to pilots.

Technical Personnel Recruitment

GlobalOne recruiting has recognized the need for the development of a recruitment company that understands the needs of the airline, the pilots, and the diverse range of technical people throughout the Operation, including Administration.

GlobalOne Management Media Center

Developing solutions to meet the Global needs of the Aviation Industry

CART Report: Flightplan for Restart and Recovery

GlobalOne Media Center

The global aviation system is a network, and mitigation measures are only as strong as the weakest link. This principle is especially important in strengthening...

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Industry Losses to Top $84 Billion in 2020

GlobalOne Media Center

Geneva - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released its financial outlook for the global air transport industry showing that airlines are expected to lose...

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Airbus concludes ATTOL with fully autonomous flight tests

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Following an extensive two-year flight test programme, Airbus has successfully concluded its Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off and Landing (ATTOL) project.

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Meeting the Global needs of the Aviation Industry

By utilising a high degree of adaptability and flexibility to re-engineer processes, we can better ensure the development of airline specific solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC?

GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC recognises the need for agility in a very dynamic environment and has put a team of experienced experts together to assist airlines in navigating the current challenges occurring at the time and bring those experience onboard to produce the appropriate solutions to our partner organizations and the Airline Industry.

What are the benefits of using GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC?

  1. GMCL’s team consist of a diverse group of experts that are consistent in providing support based on International Best Practices.
  2. GMCL’s personnel are carefully selected on their professional background and experience, their proven track record, and their ability to demonstrate cultural flexibility.
  3. GMCL’s vast experience in a variety of disciplines will assist beyond their obligations and our intent is to ensure that the partners are fully equipped to continue the process of continual improvements long after.
  4. GMCL does not subscribe to the concept of networking. GMCL builds relationships that goes beyond just the exchange of services for compensation. GMCL engages in the Transfer of Knowledge to ensure continuity and sustainability of you, our partners.
  5. GMCL’s values are enshrined in Openness, Honesty and Transparency.
  6. GMCL’s in-house experts allow for a direct interface during the onsite visit to assist our partners/clients.
  7. GMCL will maintain the highest level of integrity and the exchange of knowledge to assure the partners achieve sustainability and development in the understanding of the casual and contributing factors to allow for excellence in finding solutions to issues and continuous growth as a recipient partner.
  8. GMCL will always provide evidence-based solutions.
  9. Optimisation, Continuity and Sustainability.

GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC (GlobalOne) represents the culmination and the bringing together of the Principals’ numerous years of global experiences, spanning multiple areas of disciplines within the aviation industry.

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