GlobalOne SMS – Safety Management System

Safety’s importance is expressed in airlines with an aura of academic reverence, but comprehensive implementation is regularly deferred due to the multi-dimensional nature of the industry and a reallocation of scarce resources. However, its importance cannot be overstated, as one incident can and oftentimes changes the fortunes of an airline. GlobalOne has engineered the ability to determine gaps in safety and implementation to close those gaps, allowing for a comprehensive monitoring and classification of all events based on the levels of severity. Our experience has shown that many airlines or organizations are “data rich but information poor”. Technological advancements allow for the collection and storage of data representing all facets of the aircraft’s operational footprint, thus the ability to monitoring every facet of the “movement of the iron”. This allows us assisting the airlines in developing systems to identify trends to be used in the creation of preventive measures based on the recognition of these trends early to protect the integrity of the operations and concurrently moving to the implementation of a proactive and predictive modelling philosophy.


Regardless of your fleet type, GlobalOne will be able to offer guidance in alleviating some aspect of the cost in developing a truly robust system to ensure protection of the integrity of the organization’s operations and its requisite assets. Our solutions are culturally tailored to the corporate culture to ensure relevance to the organization.

GlobalOne Management Consultation LLC (GlobalOne) represents the culmination and the bringing together of the Principals’ numerous years of global experiences, spanning multiple areas of disciplines within the aviation industry.

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